Application Development & Maintenance Services (ADMS).

CarmanSG specializes in custom application development in various technologies and solutions. CarmanSG has been providing custom application development to various industry verticals such as Healthcare, Automotive, Marketing, Utilities, Education, Defense, and Federal, State and Local Government agencies, etc. Our team comprises of dedicated and highly technical professionals with strong leadership skills.

Testing Services (TS)

CarmanSG offers a wide range of software testing services to customers worldwide to help them deliver quality software products and applications. Our software testing services include software test consulting and software test delivery services.

We provide software test consulting services in the areas of testing strategy, methodology, process and test competency assessment. With our unique testing methodology customized for each client as per their requirement and needs, we make every effort to stand out.

Big Data Solutions (BDS)

CarmanSG provides advanced integrated customized Big Data Infrastructure Management Solutions, Application Development, Analytics services across domains which helps customer maximize revenue & increase operational efficiency.

CarmanSG has valuable expertise in addressing significant challenges for IT and non-IT industries including Big Data. We have successfully driven structured and pattern-based approach to simplify the task of defining overall Big Data architecture.

CarmanSG recognizes the value of Big Data and our customers are using it to generate various analytics to enable their new products to various markets. Our market competency will enable clients to generate required reports/information from crowd influence, revealed by analyzing customer user transactions along with social and geographical data. CarmanSG provides pointers that help customers to determine which business problems are good candidates for Big Data solutions.

CarmanSG offers End-to-End Big Data services catering to customer’s need

Mobile Solutions

CarmanSG has a rich history in providing mobile solutions to customers across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and RIM. We design, develop, support, manage and maintain many enterprise mobile applications for various clients. CarmanSG’s mobile app development includes multi-platform and back-end system integration capabilities.

Digital Experience

Customers need to be engaged on a continuous and on-going basis in order to provide maximum satisfaction. A strong Digital Experience is the key!

Companies that adapt to customer needs and expectations are successful in engaging and satisfying their customers. At CarmanSG, we help companies prioritize and implement the programs and services which improve their customer experience and, in turn, lift customer satisfaction.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Wearables, home electronics, cars, sensors and other gadgets constitute over 15 billion connected devices, twice the human population. By 2025, the connected devices will explode to more than 80 billion and communicate with each other than ever before.

Internet of Things (IoT) requires an industry and technology agnostic approach, more than ever before, to transform the current solutions into the connected ecosystem.

Cloud Services

Cloud based services enable enterprises to keep pace with the industry demands by implementing infrastructure, platform or software faster and low upfront costs. Cloud based services empowers customers scale and change as the market drives them without having to be limited by capital expenditure and time to market limitations.

ERP Services

Our ERP practice combines industry rich expertise and the benefits of strategic long-term partnerships with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. In addition, we combine deep domain experience in manufacturing/logistics, consumer packaged goods, retail/hospitality, life sciences/healthcare, and energy/utilities markets with proven expertise in:


•Human capital management


•Corporate services

•Real estate management

•Travel management

•Environment health & safety

•Quality management