Application Maintenance Outsourcing

This is commonly called co-located contract staff augmentation. CarmanSG has been providing various other value-added services to its customers that will enable them to meet IT requirements and goals. Flexible co-location of IT contract services is a means in which our customers will have dedicated resources and work areas in our offices. Customers may choose to be part of the staff selection process that will support them from offsite.

Application Maintenance Outsourcing (AMO) benefits include:

  • Reduction in cost of application maintenance
  • Frees up customer IT staff to focus on innovative business solutions
  • Mitigates Risk
  • Improve Service levels
  • Keep applications current

Companies are optimizing their own skilled resources on innovative new business solutions and leaving the maintenance and support to cost effective Application Maintenance and Support to 3rd party specialists such as CarmanSG.

We are a CMMI level 3 certified company with the required policies, processes, tools, and methodologies in place ensuring top quality to meet and exceed all service level commitments.

Here at CarmanSG, with our Application Maintenance Outsourcing, (AMO) we help to maximize our customers’ existing IT applications through corrective, adaptive, perfective and preventive maintenance.

Application Testing Outsourcing

High Quality brings lower support and maintenance efforts while customer satisfactions increases. CarmanSG can help your IT Organization achieve high quality standards in Application Testing.

CarmanSG has been providing Testing and IV&V Outsourcing solutions to our customer for almost two decades and we are helping our customers to:

Increase Quality:
  • Automation of test scripts
  • With developing reusable test cases
  • Strong focus on governance
  • Adhering to our CMMI level 3 structured testing processes
  • Highly skilled and experienced resources
Lower Costs
  • Less support and maintenance costs
  • Utilizing highly skilled resources globally
  • Common tools, infrastructure and frameworks
Improved Application Time to Market
  • Utilizing reusable test cases & automation

Infrastructure Maintenance Outsourcing

Infrastructure is the backbone to any organization and CarmanSG understands the criticality of this and provides these specialized services to our customers to meet their business objectives of keeping their IT Systems up and running 7x24x365. CarmanSG, provides IT infrastructure Maintenance Outsourcing as one of our core services.